She Is Unique! is a great program for our girls and our curriculum is especially written with African-American girls in mind. Already have a mentoring program?  Even better! With your program already in place, all you need are the right resources to make your program a success! She Is Unique! Mentoring Initiative wants to enhance your program with the materials you need. Here you will find workbooks, creative activities, service projects, discussion topics, resource guides, books and video ideas...

Keepin’ It Real Through Writing is developed in order to create an opportunity for girls to escape the pressures of adolescence and just be themselves. Writing can boost girls’ confidence, communication skills while emphasizing self-esteem, self-image and self-respect. In turn, simply journaling and discussing various topics with a knowledgeable mentor can assist in reducing chances of dropping out of school, abusing drugs or getting pregnant. Many times girls have diaries in which they keep on their own as a way to cope with stress, anger and other negative feelings. Keepin’ It Real was developed as a safe place to “let it all go” and be be supported rather than be judged.


The She Is Unique! Curriculum was also created to assist girls in achieving their personal and professional goals through the power of writing. In completing various activities included in the workbook, they have the opportunity to plan, discuss and complete activities related to their future. In addition, good writing skills improve students’ abilities to communicate and to build self-confidence and self-esteem--factors essential to professional and personal success.


Topics Covered Include:

Developing Positive Relationships, Building Positive Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating Habits/Exercise Routines, Cyberbullying, Defining Beauty, Gratitude, Peer Pressure, Hygiene, First Impressions, Respect, Anger Management, Life Lessons, Culture, Family, Setting Goals, Creating a Vision Board, Budgeting, Career Planning/Job Shadowing, Serving Others, Civic Responsibility, and more!!!